Anonymous asked:

Going off of that one question you posted about criticism for SJWs: is there anything you find NOT negative about SJWs?

I like their fire. It’s good to feel passionate about something, I just wish it were a better cause.

dirty-diode asked:

So, as an ex-SJW, what are some criticisms you have about the social justice community?

Aside from them being insane? They devour their own people, refusing to accept and move past mistakes. There’s no solidarity, no common ground, no common theme. There’s only fighting with outsiders and then fighting with each other during the off hours.

Not to mention all the times we sent each other anon hate to drudge up sympathy. I also know multiple people who made up sob stories about their lives or their pets in order to get donations from other people.

dirty-diode asked:

Do you limit your consumption of media based off of your beliefs? Do you choose not to listen to a genre dominated by what you refer to as "niggers" simply because they are dark skinned? Some genres would be hip hop/rap and jazz, both dominated by dark skinned peoples. I strongly disagree with your opinions but would like to hear them regardless.

Do you happen to know how much media out there that represents in any way my beliefs?

There’s like 3 websites, blogs. There’s no way I could only consume media that I agree with.

gemi-nah asked:

You are blinded by your arrogance and ignorance, for that I am sorry, but everyone who speaks to you must know that they can not change a man who does not want to be changed. Getting mad and yelling at him will not magically make him see what is right, we should accept that and move on, so as to not let the next generation end up like you.

I’m not a man. I’m a woman. And in fact, not even 2 years ago I did change. I changed from a social justice warrior, to this.

Anonymous asked:

Oh poor were born black I guess we should all feel sorry for you. What else can we do for you we already provide you with welfare healthcare education and lots of other entitlement programs and up until recently there was affirmative action to give preference to jobs whether better qualified or not so please tell me what else can we do for about send you back to your lands and let you know your true history you like to celebrate sooooo much. Get a fucking life


Anonymous asked:

I want to put my hand on your chest while smiling at you. My finger nails will increase pressure until they break the skin. I will keep going, I will crack open your sternum so I can see all of your organs, and then I - the whitest girls you will ever meet - will let my boyfriend - the blackest man you will ever see - use your chest cavity as his own personal urinal. I will keep you alive so you can see him do this to you. See you in hell, honey.

I’m not interested in roleplaying with you.